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Technical Textiles: Value chain optimisation rescued market position


  • A medical device manufacturer was experiencing a high number of defects and errors in production. 

  • A full 5-10% of the raw material had to be scrapped at various stages in the production path leading to higher RSP (recommended selling price) having to filter down the value chain which endangered the market share position.


  • Tytex performed an analysis of the production site including own inbound goods. Several recommendations were made leading to:

    • Tools to allow fewer production stops

    • Firmer regulations on calibrating of the machinery

    • Benchmarked monitoring of performance through-out the site 

    • Better suited raw materials


  • Marketing’s present target for RSP could be maintained 

  • Performance and job satisfaction rates among staff went up by double digits

  • Tytex R&D involved in LEAN continuous improvement programme with partner

Project team member

International Key Account Manager

Finn Christian Andreasen
Tel. +45 4099 2028 E-mail:

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