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Technical Textiles: AirX® spacers secured market differentiation


  • A sports bandage manufacturer received feedback from athletes about humidity build-up and chafing issues in their products.

  • Market shares could be won by manufacturer implementing either (very) low cost materials or high-performance permeable fabrics.


  • A joint customer focus group study suggested that one of Tytex’s products would fit the bill of providing beneficial and client valued aerated features.

  • Tytex AirX® spacers were implemented as a substitute for neoprene products.

  • Products were repositioned on price, and branding was increased so as to support the market differentiation.


  • The bandage manufacturer gained access to a more lucrative market and was able to successfully raise prices by 20%. 

  • Tytex subsequently revamped other bandage products for the manufacturer, now allowing moisture and air permeability throughout the assortment without compromising on 2-4 way stretch specifications.

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Finn Christian Andreasen
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