Breuer Partners, May 2020

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WHO: Broader use of masks may limit spread of coronavirus

The World Health Organisation, WHO, opens the door to greater public use of homemade masks or other mouth coverings as a way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Although WHO recommends that face masks should primarily be worn by health care staff, Dr. Mike Ryan is positive towards a more widespread use of home made mask or similar ways of covering the mouth would be a means of reducing contamination.

This is in line with the recent development in many countries, where the use of face coverings is either heavily recommended or even made compulsory when people are out in the public.

Click to read more about the guidelines from WHO and the global initiative 

From a Tytex perspective, we recommend the use of a specifically developed face mask like the Carefix Barrier Mask over a home-made type of face covering – primarily because its design provides a good fit that makes it not only comfortable to wear, but also ensures correct placement at all times which prevent the user from touching the mask too much. This is important to prevent hand-to-face contamination.

Tytex is continuing the expansion of the reusable and washable barrier mask to help support the increasing demand for face covering solutions. Learn more about the the Carefix Barrier Mask or reach out to tom@breuerpartners.com or phone 847-624-1011.



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