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22. January 2018

An active life with a pouch on the belly

My name is Morten Dippel and I am 48 years old. In September 2008 I was operated for Culitis Ulcerosa (chronic colitis) and have since then had an ileostomy (ostomy in the small intestine). As an ostomist with a pouch on the belly 24/7, living an active life with MTB cycling and a little running becomes a bit more challenging than before. You keep thinking thoughts like ”will the pouch stay intact, will it stay in place” and stuff like that.

When I use StomaSafe the ostomy pouch is kept in place without any danger of it moving around while I am active. This is a great relief, and it means that I can focus entirely on the activity, e.g. while I am cycling in the woods, rather than worrying if the pouch will leak.

StomaSafe also provides a nice warm sensation when you wear it – it provides good support around your waist and even with StomaSafe on, it’s easy to empty the ostomy pouch. StomaSafe is a good aid with a huge effect.


An active life with a pouch on the belly

48 years old, from Denmark

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