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Evolution as a red thread

Much has happened since Tytex started out in the middle of Jutland in 1971. But still the keyword in the history of Tytex is evolution. Not only in terms of production methods and products, but also when it comes to the company itself which has lived through a continuous progress through the last many years.

Tytex was founded in 1971 by the Thygesen family who wanted to make a company that was always at the forefront of development. The key to this was a new and revolutionary production method which allowed the product to be knitted completely in one manufacturing process.

In 1973 a successful cooperation started with a market leading pad manufacturer to develop and produce fixation pants for babies and incontinent adults. Taking over the patent rights from an American company in 1979 was a further milestone in development of incontinence briefs.

Tytex has expanded many times in its evolution; the first overseas production plant was set up in Ireland in 1984; then Tytex Inc. was added in the USA in 1989; Tytex Slovakia in 2001; and Tytex Thailand in 2008. An essential part of the company's success has been its ability to keep production costs to a minimum, and today Tytex's production is consolidated and concentrated in high-efficient facilities in Slovakia.

Sales offices were added in Germany in 1993 (Tytex GmbH) and in Thailand (Tytex Thailand) in 2008. Today Tytex has sales divisions located in Germany and America in addition to the Sales Headquarter in Denmark.

Tytex today

Tytex is a modern and healthy company which has produced continued good results and progress, in spite of the various global financial crises. The company has been able to adjust to evolving market trends due to its ability to continually change and adapt to new challenges. As a result, it is considered a reliable partner by its customers who are typically the largest companies in their sphere.

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