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TURNING 50 IS A MILESTONE The production facility in Denmark, April '95

This milestone is a tribute to the way in which our customers and the team at Tytex has continually been able to innovate, adapt to and navigate in a very competitive, highly regulated and complex industry. The last 50 years have taught us a lot. 



From Tytex' early history strong partnerships have continously been sought. Be it with government institutions, with local councils or with distributors and independant brands the backbone of our operation is our partners, customers, end users and suppliers.

Whenever, we at Tytex, enter a business relationship a long term partnership is always sought. Strong and long term business relationships means we get to know our customers and their challenges thoroughly and thereby we are able to address their needs in the best possible way. When we know our partners we are able to help them innovate and move their business forward in this very demanding and highly regulated marketspace. 


When strong partnerships are built we also get to know each other in ways where we help each other to become stronger. Our partners get to know our strenghts and we get to know our partners strengths. and we start maximising each others strenghts to mutual satisfaction. Innovation and strong ideas are formed in the heads of the people working in our organisations and we need to optimally tap into the ideas residing in the heads of these individuals. This is also part of what we mean when we say we are "making healthcare more human".



Another aspect which we have found to be important to our customer base is our ability to provide flexible and reliable production facilities operated by a highly skilled workforce. Therefore - over the course of the last five decades - we have chosen to strengthen our European manufacturing setup. Operating close to home is what makes us able to increase supply chain efficiency, optimise our customer relationships and generally make us best able to service all the foreign markets we operate in. 

See the video from our Europe-based production facility:



One thing history has taught us is that our customers demand a constant flow of innovations - they need a steady stream of new developments in order to stay competitive and satisfy the demands of their customers. Going forward therefore, there are extensive, long term plans for the further development of Tytex. This includes both investments in production, R&D and in market development.

In the years to come we will also focus on developing Tytex more in terms of digitalization. The aim is to become an industry leader in regards to utilizing the digital possibilities both in regards to customer satisfaction, just-in-time delivery and harnessing the true potential within e-commerce and other market possibilities - both to the benefit of the partners we serve as well as their customers.

Moreover, we are currently starting to investigate our possibilities regarding implementing truely sustainable initiatives throughout our entire value- and supply chain. These initiatives are also deemed imperative in regards to the future strategic direction of Tytex as a whole. 


No doubt that the success of Tytex is founded both founded on strong external partnerships but also it is founded on committed and skilled colleagues. Together, we all have created a solid, highly dynamic and interesting organisation. There is reason to be proud of what has been achieved.

Thank you to those who were here before us, congratulations to us and congratulations to Tytex with the 50 years. We look forward to sharing the coming 50 years with you. Below you can learn more about the history of Tytex.





Much has happened since Tytex A/S started out in the middle of Jutland 50 years ago. The only constant in our history has actually been evolution. Evolution not only in terms of production methods, focus areas as well as the product portfolio. Tytex has seen continuous progress throughout the last 50 years. 



Tytex A/S was founded in 1971 by the Thygesen family represented by: Niels Laurids as well as Eskild and Niels B. Thygesen. The family envisioned a company which was always at the forefront in regards to innovaton and development. The key to this vision - back then - was a new and revolutionary production method which allowed the products - at that time only briefs for men or women - to be knitted completely in one single manufacturing process. 

In 1973 a successful cooperation with the Swedish company Mölnlycke / now Essity) was initiated. The aim of this partnership was to develop and produce fixation pants for babies and incontinent adults. Acquiring the patents rights to this technology from an American company in 1979 was a further development which significantly strengthened Tytex' market position.

In 1991 Tytex A/S merged with two other textile companies, Fascia A/S and S. Thygesen A/S. The merger resulted in a new organisation - Thygesen Textile Group (TTG) - with a stronger economy and even stronger capabilities.




During its existence Tytex has expanded its operations several times.

The first overseas production plant was set up in Ireland in 1984; then Tytex Inc. was added in 1989; Tytex Slovakia in 2001; and Tytex Thailand in 2008. In addition the company has grown by founding Tytex GmbH. in 1993 and acquiring Müller Elastics GmbH. in 1996 as a result of the growing activities in Tytex GmbH. Furthermore, Tytex A/S acquired Prego ApS in 2009.


An essential part of our success has been our ability to keep production costs to a minimum while still offering an agile production set up and maintaining exceptionally high quality levels as well as being able to offer our customers a contant stream of innovations. These insights have meant that we have had to close down production in Denmark in 2005, the US production in 2008 and the Irish production in 2010. Today all our production takes place Slovakia in modern facilities and with a highly skilled workforce.


Yet, while realising that production needs to be close to home and has to be made cost effectively and by a skilled labour force we have also realised that sales needs to be conducted close to the markets we service. Therefore sales offices have been established in Germany 1993 (Tytex GmbH.) and in U.K. in 2008. Today, Tytex has sales offices located in the U.K., Germany and America in addition to the headquarters in Denmark.



The TTG configuration operated successfully for 15 years until June 2006 when Tytex was sold to a joint venture between Jakob Holm Group and LD Equity. In March 2007 LD Equity acquired the entire shareholding of Tytex via the holding company Vernal A/S. 

In 2019 Zefyr Invest acquired Tytex. The investment company, Zefyr, is funded by Danish Family officies. These families see great potential in Tytex and have extensive long term plans. Therefore, the ambition is a focus on strenghtening and developing Tytex to an even stronger and global leader within the medical garments and textiles industry.





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