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27 November 2018

10 good reasons to use a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery

A regular bra or a tight fitting sports bra is not good enough

After surgery, optimal circumstances to obtain a speedy wound healing and a long lasting aesthetically fine result are important.  Here are 10 good reasons why we recommend a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery.

After surgery, the enlarged, reduced or reconstructed breast is very tender, sore and sensitive. Despite pain-relieving medication, movement of the breast often causes pain. To prevent the breast from moving, it is very important that it is fixated, stabilized and supported. A Carefix post-op bra provides superior fixation, stabilization and support to a degree normally not found in ordinary bras or sports bras.

After any kind of breast surgery, the damaged tissues will bleed and swell. The swelling is often very painful and can be harmful for the healing process, as the post-surgical accumulation of blood and fluid may compromise the supply of important nutrients, oxygen and other wound healing components to the damaged tissues.

The compression offered by a Carefix post op bra will reduce both swelling and bleeding. Compression means that pressure is applied directly on to the swollen area. When exerting compression, a Carefix post-op bra ensures that the accumulation of blood and fluids is reduced, creating an optimal environment for a speedy wound healing, as the damaged tissue structures below the wound and the wound itself are supplied by the components needed for healing. This means that the wound will heal properly, which again will help form a nicer looking scar. Furthermore, the compression of a Carefix post-op bra contributes to flattening the scar - a feature that is particularly important, if a woman tends to form big, bulky and conspicuous scars.

In the Carefix bras, compression is targeted according to the type of surgical intervention, and therefore one Carefix bra holds more compression levels, each level located exactly where needed with the right pressure level approved by medical experts. 


Impairment of the wound healing process will increase the risk of wound infection, as the impaired healing will leave the wound open for a longer period, creating access for a very harmful bacterial infection. An infected wound results in a great deal of pain and discomfort for the woman. It may also prolong the hospitalisation and increase medication administration, both of which will be driving up hospital costs. Unfortunately, it may also affect the appearance of the wound and the scar afterwards, leaving the woman with an unappealing scar that could have been less visible, had a good and supportive Carefix post-op bra been applied.

One of the unique features of the Carefix bras is the 4-way-stretch fabric. A 4-way stretchable material will stretch and conform to the body contours in four directions, instead of the usual two, providing improved adaption capacity with superior expansion and contraction properties. The benefit gained is that the material continuously adapts to post-surgical swelling as well as de-swelling.

This flexibility increases fit, comfort and support, as the material provides a proper and snug fit throughout the entire wearing period, ensuring that the pressure applied through the material on the skin and thereby on the underlying tissue is exerted at any stage of the wearing period. With sufficient support, discomfort and/or pain is reduced or even eliminated.

The breast and plastic surgeons always do their best to create a satisfactory surgical outcome, for the benefit of the patient and themselves. And so the question is if it would make sense to impair the post-surgical outcome with a binder or sports bra that may either feel strange to wear or may not be supportive enough, resulting in great discomfort as well as an impaired post-surgical result. The answer is: Probably not - and that is why a Carefix post-op bra is the perfect choice for post-surgical recovery, as it both speeds up recovery and supports the surgical outcome.

To further reduce complications associated with surgery, it is important that the woman is mobilized as soon as possible after surgery. Since a Carefix post-op bra provides protection, fixation, stabilization and the very important support, it contributes to a comfortable mobilization in the early post-surgical process, but also at any other point in the recovery period. In addition, the supportive function of a Carefix post-op bra reduces pain, which will positively impact the woman’s motivation to be active and minimize the risk of post-surgical complications related to physical inactivity.

Most women wear a bra every day and having to wear a bra after surgery will only feel natural to them. The use of a Carefix post-op bra will not only increase post-surgical comfort – it will also help reduce the feeling of abnormality and being sick.

This fact is supported by an Australian study from 2004 enrolling females who compared the use of a binder and a bra following breast surgery.

A randomized, controlled study was undertaken to compare a breast binder with a bra postoperatively for patients undergoing lumpectomies, partial mastectomies and total mastectomies.

Fifty‐eight patients were enrolled in the study. Six different parameters were compared and the bra was found better on all criteria. A small group of patients who initially used a binder and then, for a second procedure, used a bra, found the bra more comfortable, so the overall conclusion from the study is that postoperative discomfort can be decreased by using a well‐fitting bra rather than a breast binder[1].

[1] “Patient preference for bra or binder after breast surgery”, Laura S., Clark D., Harvey F., ANZ J Surg. 2004 Jun;74(6):463-4

Carefix post op bras improve the general appearance by supporting and lifting the breasts. Pocketed bras offer the possibility of inserting textile puffs in the pockets which also help improve perceived attractiveness, self confidence and general body image. The puff serves as a contour correcting element by creating the shape of a breast – either permanently or until reconstruction surgery is performed. The visually improved breast contour reduces post-surgical anxiety, stress and depression as well as the risk of stigmatization and isolation. These are all features that cannot be provided by a wrap, a binder or a sports bra, as they are not designed to carry a puff.

Carefix bras are knitted in tubes and therefore they do not contain seams in critical areas such as in the breast fold, on the breast, in the arm pits or on the back. Seams located these places may cause wound and skin irritation, itching, delayed wound healing as well as an increased infection risk that may compromise the surgical outcome. With the no-seams-concept, Carefix bras play a pivotal role for skin and wound friendliness, reducing infection risk and encouraging a speedy recovery.

Generally, a good posture is important to prevent tight muscles, pain, loss of strength and stress on the joints. A good posture can protect muscles as well as joints from too much strain. After breast surgery, a typical body reaction pattern is to protect the treated site. When muscle pain, soreness or tightness after breast surgery appears, the woman’s pattern of movement may therefore change into a “protective posturing.” This posture is characterized by leaning the head slightly forward, raising and hunching the shoulders, bending the elbows and leaning forward at the waist. Over time, this protective posture may cause muscles to shorten and tighten which again may lead to uncomfortable pain in the neck, shoulders, back and chest.

We have designed the Carefix post-op bras with the need for posture correction in mind. That is why many of the bras carry a high back with knitted-in support zones – to return head, back and shoulder to the original position for posture improvement, reducing pain in the neck, shoulders, back and chest.


There are a lot of different types of post-surgical bras on the market – many styles and brands to choose from. With the above 10 reasons the Carefix post-op bras stand out in the crowd due to their superior quality and functionality.

It has been tested and confirmed by numerous users and professionals that the Carefix post-op bras do contribute to overcoming the challenges after a breast surgery the best possible way, ensuring that the recovery period becomes as short and comfortable as possible.

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