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Why you succeed with our brands

Market leading consultancy

You can rely on our advice - it is based on half a decade of experience and on our role as the market leader and a first mover within medical textiles. We possess in-depth market knowledge, carry out trend analysis and do ongoing end-user tests. Based on our complete technology platform and our professional consultancy we find solutions that meet your challenges in the market and help you expand your business. Read more about our consultancy offerings.

As a Tytex distributor you get access to:

  • knowledge about the healthcare market, healthcare products and development
  • support and advice on medical conditions, usability studies, reimbursement
  • dedicated customer care team

Exceptionally high product quality

We deliver highest possible quality, well-test­ed and well-documented medical textile prod­ucts. All Tytex facilities and processes have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our manufacturing facilities are also certified for adherence to ISO 14001.

Best-in-class satisfaction rates

Our claim rates are one of the lowest in the market with CPM (complaints per million) < 0.57. The good feedback also include our excellent delivery. Customers express great satisfaction with our ability to deliver in agreed quantitites, on time, every time. This combined with high quality in every delivery, ensures steady high customer satisfaction rates.

You get :

  • low claim rates (CPM < 0.57) which saves you time and money
  • satisfied customers and users resulting in high repurchase rate
  • approved products
  • Danish design produced in Europe
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certififed partner

State-of-the-art medical garments

At Tytex’s R&D centre in Denmark we have full-scale knit­ting machines as well as an in-house R&D team of designers, textile experts, engineers and clinical advisors with an average of more than 10 years' of experience each. This ensures that Tytex not only has the experience and competences to develop the right product, but also can take a leading position in the development of both new and improved medical garments and can launch them in a speedy process. Furthermore, our medical products are tested on real users.

You get:

  • access to a solid base of well-proven, medically designed garments
  • access to R&D specialists within the medical garments business

Dedicated customer care

One of the uniquenesses about Tytex is our long-term customer relationships and our values be­hind a partnership. Most importantly, we do not consider ourselves a supplier, but a business partner – and we are in for the long run.

Your own task force

At Tytex you will also experience a multiple point of contacts culture. which means that apart from having your personal ambassador always there for you, we appoint a so-called task force for your specific project. The members of the task force is always available to you and you can talk directly to your point of contact in the department you need. I.e. product management one day, sales the next day etc. The task force monitors your business and keeps you updated and takes action in due time when required. This way your business is in safe hands with us.

You get:

  • one ambassador, multiple points of contact, dedicated teams
  • on-time, accurate communication
  • a close relation focused to help you grow your business

Complete your product portfolio with high-quality brands

Contact Tytex today at or +45 9660 4200 and find out how easy you can improve your good range of medical garments.

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