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IPR - protect your unique ideas

If Intellectual Property Rights is part of your strategy we can help you.

We have many years of experience in application, registration and handling our own patents and design registrations.

This experience and competence will benefit our customers as well. We work with validated partners in the field to ensure that we act according to international legislation.

Before any new product development, we can offer to evaluate if this new product hold unique features that it would be beneficial for you to protect.

We also offer to investigate current patents and design registrations to ensure that no infringements are made.

Current Tytex patents

  • Safehip® Active
  • Safehip® soft  - with spacer fabric  (Safehip® AirX)
  • Tubular limbsize Spacer fabric
  • Corsinel® Hernia Pant
  • Corsinel® Hernia Prevention garment
  • Drop Cup bra (Cantaloop®)

Current Tytex design registration

  • ZoneTech®

A unique product feature where we integrate and target the fixation and compression zones in our products. By targeting the compression/fixation ability in a product we can design a product that is 100% in line with the compression requirements e.g. after a specific surgery.

To be able to clearly illustrate and indicate where these zones are placed in a product, Tytex has invented the colour-coded products - products that are completely identical with real products, but has different colours knitted into the zones for demonstration. This design is registered as ZoneTecn®.  It protects the graphical identity of our colour coded products and artwork, i.e. the way we illustrate where the compression zones are located, in both our printed material and in the physical products.

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