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Technical textile solutions that have it all

You are the expert of your finished products - we are the experts of the textiles you use for them. Let's be experts together.

When you partner with Tytex, you get much more than products - we offer you full solutions. Our proven offerings are your guarantee to get technical textiles solutions that are completely in line with your requirements and values, as your Tytex project and R&D team have a fundamental need to understand your value chain, your suppliers and your clients. 

To understand your business you will experience that we ask you a lot of measurable questions up front. We do this to secure that the end result will be a tailor-made solution that fits you and not just anyone. 

We work as a team - with you and with our network 

We pride ourselves with supply chain partners that share a common deductive and creative mindset - already proven on a series of Technical textile solutions, for medical applications such as:

  • Technical textiles for orthopedic appliances
  • Technical textiles for silicon bonded solutions for medical or paramedical use
  • Technical textiles for furniture, mechanical aids or cushioning
  • Technical textiles for garments and special devices

And most importantly: Technical textiles for your specific opportunities.

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Let's explore your opportunities together.

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