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Post-surgical bras

Seamless post-surgical bras for maximum support and comfortable healing

The Carefix post-surgical bras are ideal for post-operative use, offering women support and freedom of movement without restricting or irritating sensitive tissue.

The integrated support and compression zones in the post-surgical bras are designed to help reduce the risk of edema and post-surgical complications, supporting the breast and scar areas while keeping wound irritation to a minimum.

Carefix post-surgical bras feature

  • 4-WAY STRETCH The material will adjust to the operated breast by expanding and contracting accordingly, thereby providing optimum compression and comfort, while providing the patient with maximum comfort

  • COMPRESSION/SUPPORT ZONES that help promote the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue

  • SEAMLESS DESIGN which provides maximum skin-friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and scar. When we say seamless, we mean seamless. The Carefix post-surgical bras are 100% seamlessly knitted, meaning no seams in the sides and no seams between the under bust band and the cup. No other seamless post-surgical bras on the market have this.

In order to easily identify which post-surgical bra to apply, we have categorized our post-surgical bras according to the level of compression they offer, where 5 is the highest level and 1 the lowest level of compression. 

Compression levels are based on recommended sizing. A higher level of compression can be obtained by choosing a smaller size. A lower level of compression can be obtained by choosing a larger size.

Carefix Compression Level Overview with Bras.png


Post op bras

Our post-op bras are for the time immediately after breast surgery. These seamless bras can be opened from the front for ready access by both the patient and nursing staff, permitting easy examination and care of the surgical site. 



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Compression level 1


Art. no. 3342 More ...

Compression level 1


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Compression level 2


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Compression level 2


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Compression level 2


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Compression level 3


Art. no. 3211 More ...

Compression level 3


Art. no. 3291 More ...

Compression level 4


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Compression level 4

Comfort Bras

Our Comfort bras are a line of more pull-on bras and a camisole version, as well as a bra (Bea) with front opening.  All are suitable after breast surgery, however, the pull-on models only when full arm movement has been regained.


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Compression level 3


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Compression level 4


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Compression level 5

Complementary products

Textile puffs

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