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Ostomy & hernia

An ostomy can challenge a person’s mobility and sense of self-esteem. An operation in the abdomen where the large abdominal muscle is cut may also increase the risk of getting a hernia resulting in much inconvenience: risk of leakage, negative body image and appearance, discomfort or pain, sense of gravity etc. With or without surgery, this common condition requires special attention and support.

To address these needs, Tytex has developed two different product ranges: Corsinel for compression and StomaSafe for support and retention.

The Corsinel range of ostomy compression products is designed especially for stoma and abdominal hernia patients to increase their comfort and encourage compliance.

If no compression as such, but only light support and fixation are required, we offer our StomaSafe products for secure fixation and support of the stoma pouch, providing protection and enhancing mobility.

All our ostomy and hernia products are latex free and Oeko-Tex certified

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Parastomal hernia support garments

Compression underwear, belt & tube

Ostomy support garments


StomaSafe Classic
StomaSafe Plus

Lisa is a new addition to our bespoke range of seamless post-op compression bras. The bra is specially designed for lumpectomy.



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For quite some time, our ostomy products have been marketed in a mix between Carefix and Corsinel. Now we make a clear distinction between the two brands.

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This video shows how easy it is to make a hole in the Corsinel Belt w/Panel exactly where needed.

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We rely on distributors to sell our branded products and concepts. Tytex is a seasoned partner who offers distributors not only the best products, but the best support.

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As your private label partner, we can provide you not only with individual products that satisfy your requirements, but also with comprehensive solutions tailored to your market.

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