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Ostomy & hernia

Living with an ostomy has a great impact on a person’s everyday life. An ostomy challenges a person’s social life, body image and sense of self-esteem. An abdominal surgery where the large abdominal muscle is cut may also increase the risk of getting a hernia resulting in much inconvenience: improper fit of ostomy appliances, risk of leakage, negative body image and appearance, discomfort, pain and sense of gravity etc. With or without surgery, this common condition requires special attention and support.

Live as you like

To help you live your life the way you like, we have developed reliable products for hernia prevention and ostomy and hernia care. Our Corsinel products are developed in close cooperation with doctors, nurses and ostomates to ensure best performance, comfort and highest quality at all times.

Furthermore, we make sure to design our Corsinel ostomy care products with the individual body anatomy in mind. Our products must fit to make a difference and be used. Therefore, Corsinel ostomy care products are made in a 4-way-stretch material that will always adapt to your specific body contour. This unique flexibility also ensures that Corsinel ostomy products support the stoma or hernia without obstructing stoma flow.

As we are well aware that the Corsinel products will often be worn all day long and possibly at night, the breathable products are designed with comfort in mind. We want our ostomy care products to be wearing aids, addressing and easing challenges in your daily life.

Different needs - different levels of support

As the need for support and compression varies from person to person, the Corsinel range is split into three levels of support: Light, Medium and Maximum. Read more about the  levels by clickin the icons.

Corsinel compression level icon_LIGHT.png Corsinel compression level icon_MEDIUM.png Corsinel compression level icon_MAXIMUM.png


All our ostomy and hernia products are latex free and Oeko-Tex certified


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Light support garments

Corsinel StomaSafe Classic
Corsinel StomaSafe Plus

Medium support garments

Corsinel Regular Female Briefs
Corsinel Regular Male Boxers

Maximum Support Garments

Corsinel Female Briefs 
Corsinel Male Boxers and Briefs
Corsinel Belts and Tubes

We are now back from a successful INDEX™17 that broke all records in terms of both number of vistitors and exhibitors. Thank you for stopping by!

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Tytex's renowned range of ostomy and hernia management garments have been upgraded and we now offer a full assortment to cover all levels of support.

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This video shows how easy it is to make a hole in the Corsinel Belt w/Panel exactly where needed.

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We rely on distributors to sell our branded products and concepts. Tytex is a seasoned partner who offers distributors not only the best products, but the best support.

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As your private label partner, we can provide you not only with individual products that satisfy your requirements, but also with comprehensive solutions tailored to your market.

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