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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy SAFEHIP?
SAFEHIP is sold at pharmacies, healthcare stores and chemists.

Is SAFEHIP available in other colours than white?
Yes, SAFEHIP Active is available in black.

Is SAFEHIP reimbursed?
SAFEHIP is reimbursed in a number of countries, primarily in European countries. We recommend you contact your local authorities.

Is wearing SAFEHIP comfortable?
Yes, SAFEHIP is comfortable to wear. Padding around the protective shield further increases comfort.

How do I determine the correct size?
Hip size is the best guide for proper fitting. The SAFEHIP sizing charts identify which product to order based on the hip size.

SAFEHIP Sizing Charts
Measure the dimensions of the broadest part of your hips to find out the appropriate size. If the dimensions are between two sizes, the smaller size should be chosen if the user has slim thighs. The larger size should be chosen in the case of more sturdy thighs. 



How do I put SAFEHIP® on?
SAFEHIP is easiest to put on by utilizing the shields as leverage and then pulling up around the waist. 

Do people wear SAFEHIP® all the time?
SAFEHIP can be worn both day and night. SAFEHIP is only effective as long as it is worn.

Will wearing SAFEHIP® make my hips look larger?
No, most wearers have stated that people didn't know that they had SAFEHIP on.

Does SAFEHIP® work?
Yes, SAFEHIP is the most sold and clinically tested hip protector in the world. The clinical evidence shows that SAFEHIP can reduce the number of hip fractures when used as an intervention for patients at risk for falls. Training and education of staff and patient will increase compliance, which will increase the product effectiveness. 

What about my incontinence patient?
SAFEHIP is also available in designs for medium to high incontinence - SAFEHIP Open and SAFEHIP Active. 

How much wear do I get out of SAFEHIP®?
SAFEHIP will last between 80 and 100 washes. 

What is different about SAFEHIP®?
The clinical evidence, support from thought leaders around the world and superior customers support are several reasons why SAFEHIP is the most sold and available hip protector in the world.

Who will benefit from using SAFEHIP®?
Frail elderly people, patients suffering from osteoporosis and or dizziness, patients with a tendency to fall and patients with unsteady walk.

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