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Pants and belt

A hip protector consists of a pair of impact shields, fitted inside a pair of briefs or a belt that keeps them in place. While a hip protector will not prevent a fall, it can effectively and inexpensively prevent hip fractures.

The patented horseshoe shield technology of our SAFEHIP protectors disperses the energy of a fall away from the hips.

Patent by Tytex.png

The SAFEHIP models include AirXClassic and Active 

AirX shield_2.jpg Classic Soft shield.jpg  
The AirX textile based shield           The Classic foam shield  

All SAFEHIP products are Oeko-Tex certified

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We are now back from a successful INDEX™17 that broke all records in terms of both number of vistitors and exhibitors. Thank you for stopping by!

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Tytex's renowned range of ostomy and hernia management garments have been upgraded and we now offer a full assortment to cover all levels of support.

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This video shows how easy it is to make a hole in the Corsinel Belt w/Panel exactly where needed.

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We rely on distributors to sell our branded products and concepts. Tytex is a seasoned partner who offers distributors not only the best products, but the best support.

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As your private label partner, we can provide you not only with individual products that satisfy your requirements, but also with comprehensive solutions tailored to your market.

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