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Continence care

Incontinence creates many difficulties for people who suffer from it – but with the right solution, they can lead a normal life without worry. The right solution means that the pad is fixated securely, letting the user stay active, without having to worry about leakage or feeling uncomfortable.

In 1979 Tytex revolutionized the field of continence care with the invention of the TWO-PIECE SYSTEM (Pad&Pant Solution). The two-piece-system consists of a pad and a pair of incontinence briefs, specially designed to hold the pad in place. Furtheremore, Tytex has invented a system that helps easily identify which type of briefs will fit the level of incontinence in question. We call this the BestFit Guide. We know that any pad is only as good as the brief holding it in place – and we are the experts when it comes to developing and finding the best continence care briefs.

Since that time, we have worked continually with healthcare professionals and users to develop more effective solutions that also address patient needs with respect and understanding. As a result, Tytex   Continence Care products not only work extremely well at managing incontinence – they’re also comfortable, discreet and easy to take care of-

We are the specialists when it comes to developing customized continence care lines for private-label clients based on their particular requirements. 

All our Continence Care products are Oeko-Tex certified

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BestFit Guide

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As your private label partner, we can provide you not only with individual products that satisfy your requirements, but also with comprehensive solutions tailored to your market.

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