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The Tytex Way

Grow your business the expert way

If you are looking for a private labels partner with proven technologies and proven processes, your next development project will be in safe hands with Tytex - in fact your whole business will.

We grow your business by giving you a competitive advantage through proven technologies in a fast and unique product development process tailored to your needs.

Proven development processes

The Tytex Way is our unique business concept for developing and strengthening your business. With your current business as a starting point, The Tytex Way will ensure a safe and prov­en process for the development of your customized product. Every step from idea to implementation is closely followed and documented, and the process ensures highest level of quality as well as monitoring the agreed time frame throughout the entire development process.

Your competitive advantage: Fast development and prototyping

We grow your business by giving you a competitive advantage in fast and unique product development, as we know short time to market is important to be in the driver’s seat.

Customization is key

We have built a standard assortment that covers all requirements. When choosing Tytex standard assortment of raw materials, you get proven and tested materials. We only use raw materials and accessories that we can vouch for. Our basic assortment allows you to pick and design your unique product by scal­ing the features according to your requirement and indications.

Tailor your innovation

Our concept makes it easy to tailor your innovation concept based on our standard and proven raw materials, accessories and packaging. This results in your strategic advantage through faster prototyping and shorter time-to-market as well as cus­tomized product assortments.

We guarantee that your output will always differentiate from what we have done before. It goes without saying that discretion is the keyword and we commit to 100% client confidentiality.

Your competitive advantage: Unique, high-quality products

When choosing Tytex standards you are sure to get customized, high quality prod­uct with unique features, expertly developed and designed in a safe and speedy product development process

  • Short delivery time (3-6 months)
  • Consistent high and proven quality
  • Always-on-stock raw materials
  • Reliable prices

Proven technologies

Tytex’s technology platform is centered around weft (circular) and warp (mesh) knitting technologies. 

The output is finished or semi-finished body-fitted products, roll-goods or fabrics. 

The Tytex constellation formed by these technologies provides four unique product features:

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