SAFEHIP Newsletter, Apr 2018

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MARKET STUDY: Successful outcome of fall prevention project in Danish community with significant decline in fall rate

Fall-related admission of elderly to hospitals is on the rise

It’s a well known fact that elderly, who have already suffered a fall, have an increased risk of suffering more falls. In fact, the risk of suffering a second fall is doubled to tripled the year after the first fall. Between 3-10% of the falls cause bones to fracture and in 1-6% of bone fractures, a hip fracture is sustained. Based on the overall change in age demographics, fall-related admission to hospital for people aged 65+ is expected to increase by 100% in Denmark by the year 2040!

To address the increase, the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Danish Society for Patient Safety initiated a project named “In safe hands”. The project has been running for five years and with much success.

Read about the positive Danish achievements in this article.


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