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Excellence in quality and service

Ecellent quality and service go hand in hand as our steady companions, present in every corner of our company and in all our activities.

Exceptionally high quality saves you time and money

With Tytex you get highest possible quality, well-tested and well-documented medical textile products. Our claim rates are among the lowest in the market with CPM < 0.52 (based on monthly records and plans) and our satisfaction rate as high as 99.99% (based on conducted and documented customer satisfaction surveys).

At the same time, we know that time to market is crucial and we strive to deliver agreed products and in agreed quantities on time every time.

This means time and money saved as you can rely on your product being delivered in the agreed quality and quantity at the agreed time - every time. High product quality and on-time delivery means satisfied customers and users which means repurchase.

This is feasible due to our own advanced production facilities in Slovakia, where we control the production and logistics directly. All our products are Danish designed which again counts for high quality and proven design.

Tytex is committed to meeting industry and environmental standards and requirements and all Tytex facilities and processes have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our manufacturing facilities are also certified for adherence to ISO 14001 Furthermore, we carry out external audits on CSR and ethical trade on a regular basis. 

Besides the standard ISO certificates, Tytex products are also registered with FDA and SFDA. To ensure product safety, all Tytex products are tested according to OEKO-TEX and several Tytex branded products have passed the reimbursement requirements in many countries. Further registrations and certificates: CE (Class I), SEDEX, Hilfsmittel, PZN, MiGel. See more under Registrations & certificates.

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You get

  • low claim rates (CPM < 0.57) and on-time delivery which saves you time and money
  • satisfied customers and users resulting in high repurchase rate
  • approved products
  • Danish design manufactured in Europe
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified partner

Ton Mulder, Marketing Director, Allwecare:

Main reason why we partner with Tytex is quality – quality – quality. It’s the best quality we can get in the Dutch market