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Medical consultancy

We possess comprehensive and updated medical knowledge of our products, and since we never compromise on product performance, we have our own nurse and medical expert, who provides the medical advice needed and suitable for your product.

Our extensive bank of clinical data and our medical expertise is the result of the close cooperation with health care professionals, like doctors, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc. This means that our medical expertise is always based on expert knowledge, and it is our task to share this valuable and essential knowledge with you.

Our nurse is in dialogue with a number of health care professionals on a regular basis, and she educates our sales representatives in terms of medical knowledge. This means that both nurse and/or sales representatives offer medical training to your company either at your place or at Tytex's facilities as you prefer it.

Heidi Vang Hagelskjær, Nurse & Medical Product Manager

We know that medical training is crucial to ensure that your sales staff always possesses extensive knowledge around the product they sell, and your sales force is always fully prepared for a medical conversation with health care professionals and your customers.
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A newly recruited sales representative with one of our distributors was to attend a conference to exhibit Tytex products, shortly after engagement.

Being new in the business, the sales person only had limited medical knowledge of the products, and our distributor asked for medical back up. Tytex sent our nurse to the exhibition to support the sales representative and the visitors with extensive medical knowledge and unique selling points. 

As a result of this service, the new sales person got on-site training, felt safe about the event and made a great performance.