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Easy to reach - easy to talk to

We believe in good communication and direct contact! This is why all Tytex partners have direct access to our professional customer service teams, who are always available and capable of providing on-time, accurate communication.

One of the uniquenesses about Tytex is our long-term customer relationships and our values behind a partnership. Most importantly, we do not consider ourselves solely as a supplier but as a business partner – and we are in for the long run.

Your own task force

At Tytex you will also experience a multiple point of contacts culture. which means that apart from having your personal ambassador 100% dedicated to you, we appoint a so-called task force for your specific project. The members of the task force are always there for you and you can talk directly to your point of contact in the department you need, i.a. R&D, Sales or Customer Service. The task force monitors your project process and business and keeps you updated and takes action in due time when required.

Nordic-based values: Trust and care

Our values are Nordic-based, founded on trust and care which are the key values in a partnership with us. We seek to be a reliable partner in all our dealings and to earn the confidence of our customers and users. We are easy to reach and we make sure to communicate to you up front and always in due time.

Lars Ulrich Borch, VP of Sales and Marketing

"Our concern for the needs and preferences of our stakeholders – our customers, users, employees, society and the environment – influences everything Tytex makes and does. Your business is our concern – if you grow, we grow. This is the symbiosis we found our business on,
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You get

  • one ambassador, multiple points of contact – dedicated teams
  • quick and reliable response
  • on-time, accurate communication
  • a close relation focused to help you grow your business