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Market leading consultancy you can rely on

You can rely on our advice as it is based on half a decade of experience and on our role as the market leader and a first mover within medical garments. We possess in-depth market knowledge, carry out trend analysis and conduct ongoing end-user tests.

Based on our technology platform and our professional consultancy we find solutions that not only meet your challenges in the market but also help you boost your business. Our expertise is your  advantage.

It's in our DNA

From the very start, we have worked closely with healthcare professionals and built up tight relations to the markets we operate in and to the users of our products. To be able to deliver the best products in our business, we are obliged to know the impact of the products we develop on real-life users.

We are an OEM and private label supplier to some of the largest medical brands on the market and they describe Tytex as a reliable and responsive partner, See our cases for more info.

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As a Tytex partner, you get access to:

  • Real life experienced consultancy
  • knowledge about the healthcare market, healthcare products and development
  • support and advice on medical conditions, usability studies, reimbursement
  • dedicated customer care team