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Specialists in high-quality incontinence underwear

We specialize in providing high quality incontinence fixation underwear to major global brands within the hygiene and health sectors. Our products are sold as private label and OEM, and we offer a 360° approach to collaboration and partnership. In other words: you can count on both our premium product quality as well as our approach to partnerships.

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• Designed and produced for you in the EU – since 1972

• Produced from premium breathable and comfortable fabric

• Developed by experts in fabrics, weaving, knitting, and manufacturing

• Designed and produced with maximum user care in mind

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premium continence care products

Our commitment to quality and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Essential elements in incontinence care are discretion, comfort, and reliability. Our products are designed with these factors in mind. 

Our team of experts works closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are met and exceeded, from initial design to final delivery.

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We are specialists in developing customized continence care lines for private label clients based on their requirements. We are proud to be seen as an active and innovative partner by our customers.  We can develop the strong concepts for you that you need. Feel free to reach out to me and let’s start the conversation.

Thomas Nake - CCO & Managing Director, Tytex GmbH

benefits if you collaborate with us

Next to our +50 years of experience and billions of pieces developed and sold, we are proud to present a list of other collaboration benefits that might convince you to kick off the conversation:

  • Competitive pricing AND production in the EU
  • R&D in the EU
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified products
  • Short lead times
  • Tried-and-tested product development process
  • Low return rates
  • Sustainable yarn and packaging solutions available
  • MDR and compliance knowledge
  • 50+ years of experience in the industry 
  • High service level

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supply chain consistency & tender support

We guarantee a development and production process that adheres to all EU standards and with short delivery times. With our Slovakia-based, professional production facilities and highly skilled seamstresses, your company will benefit from low production costs and thus, competitive pricing. 

Moreover, we ensure a reliable and stable supply chain delivering quality products where and when you need them. In other words: we deliver quality on time.

Finally, we have solid experience with tenders and will also be able to support you in this area. Including being able to secure delivery on time.

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product features


Our textiles with four-way stretch adapt to the body providing superb compression, support, and comfort.


Targeted compression and fixation will support where needed with advanced zone tech knitting technology.


Seamless knitting will ensure maximum skin friendliness, minimum skin irritation, and zero pressure marks. 


No size fits all. Thus, we offer a wide selection of sizes based on comfort stretch measurements and +50 years of knitting expertise.


Our incontinence fixation pants feature high retention, thanks to the "flat lay-in" technique of high Dtex elastane. With typically more than 10% elastane, our pants can provide a secure fit and fixation without compromising on comfort. Despite their light construction, our mesh products are run-resistant and durable in wear and care situations, making them a cost-effective solution for individuals and institutions alike.

The unisex brief style without legs is made from medical mesh material that is perfect for institutional application. The soft, seamless design provides a comfortable fit that smoothly follows the anatomic shapes of the body. Plus, the timeless design looks like normal underwear, making it an evergreen product that is easy to accept.

Our fixation zones are strategically placed for optimal fixation and excellent body fit, while the breathable material and knitting structure allow the skin to breathe. Our silky material is made from thin and super elastic yarns, ensuring a secure retention of pads.

For those who prefer a tights style with longer legs, we have you covered. Our tights-style pants are made from panty hose material and technology, providing a smooth and comfortable wear.

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